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Andrew Salter

On the eve of the re-realease: a Ridesim Special

Good evening, I'm Andrew Salter.
This evening marks the final hours of Vlarion 1, the vastly anticipated remake of Aaron Haynes' famous group of films. As we speak, Mr. Haynes is hard at work on the final pieces of the re-made Vlarion. His progress is detailed in this journal.
On the eve of this re-release, I thought I'd take you back to the beginning of this whole process, when a young, but established, and ambitious man by the name of Aaron Haynes propose a revolutionary idea.
Sit back and enjoy a look into the past...

Flashback: January, 2005

If you haven't seen Vlarion...
Or haven't seen it in a while, hold off for a bit. I'll be re-releasing them monthly starting about April (or possibly sooner, depending on how my plans go), almost completely remade from the ground up. While voicing the entire series is still far, far too big a task to take on in the limited amount of time I have, the directing techniques, dialogue, and pacing will be vastly improved and the series will be infinitely more watchable.

In that vein, I'm asking a bunch of the hardcore fans of the series to step forward and help me out. Those who've debated plot events and character motives, who've tried making their own versions of some scenes in the past, who catch tiny discrepancies in different versions of the movie, those crazy cats: I want you guys. Two reasons, really. The first is because I can't do all this by myself if I want AV4 to come out this year as well. The second is that after so many years of following my ridiculous plot twists, inconsistent character motivations, bizarre movie format, and occasionally insipid dialogue and managed to extract something great out of it all, I want you guys to have your voice in a piece of the series' history. I want to see your take on things.

Now, this obviously falls within the construct of the original plot, so I'll want to talk with you each individually about what you'd most like to fix up and play around with, and I'll have something of a hand in whatever it is you're doing, mainly to make sure it fits with where I ultimately want the series to go. And nothing that would take months and months to finish -- some of the later battles will have new shots segwayed into them, but apart from a few of the really early ones, none will be completely redone. There's no time for it (and you all have projects of your own). But IM me and tell me your ideas, I'll steer you in a particular direction, and you can open 'em up and get started. And to reiterate, this is everything. V1-V4, AV2, and AV3. So, yeah, IM me your ideas, let me know what you want to tinker with, and let's update this series big-time.

Back to today, we can only sit and wait, as one lone man works deep into the morning, his metabolism running solely on nicotine, caffeine, and Travis' "Hit Aaron" fund.
Good night,
good luck.
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