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3DMM Community Project Development Log

How's your movie coming along?

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This is the 3DMM Community Project Development journal. In short, I created this after reading various community members' personal project logs (JP, Andrew Salter, Ned Carlson), which typically don't get a lot of exposure or feedback. This is somewhat of an experiment to see whether minor updates in project development can provide a more 3DMM progress-driven environment for community members who are interested. It also allows for better accessibility for new information, rather than having to repeatedly check a Previews & Trailers forum hype thread to see if anything good's been posted.

Basically, update this journal whenever you've done work on a project and feel like logging it or letting us know about it. Screenshots, animated gifs, and .3mm or .vmm clips are fair game. Comments on things are encouraged, though part of the ideal behind this community is that they be constructive. Antagonism or the kind of unhelpful "That is shit" comments that follow anything not up to par on the board will be deleted on sight. If you can't reply without insulting the director, this place isn't for you. Criticism is fine, but one-line negativity without any advice or suggestions is pointless.

Beyond that, have fun and post whenever you want to update us on where your project is.